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  • PPSU fully transparent distributor DN32M*20-7


    PPSU fully transparent distributor DN32M*20-7      全國統一售價每路218元


    Household, commercial radiation heating, such as ground heating.


    The supervisor material and branch control valve are made of ultra-high transparent plastic. Take shape at once. Supply and return water belt manual control valve, exhaust valve, can also be equipped with automatic exhaust valve.

    Technical parameters:

    Applicable medium: water, or water and ethanol mixture (except Ester ketone 'aromatics, halogenated hydrocarbons' DM). 

    Supervisor interface: G 1 external thread.

    The distance between branches and pipes is 50mm. 

    Number of branches: 2 times 8 roads.

    Working pressure: ≤ 60 ℃, maximum 2.0Mpa ≤ 95 ℃, maximum 1.0 MPA.

    The three advantages compared with the metal diversity water device are as follows:

    One big advantage: the advantage to the ground heating engineering company

    The product is molded at one time, light weight, easy to transport and install.

    Install pressure test ahead of time.

    Is not easy to be stolen or lost.

    Settle the project money in advance.

    The second major advantage:the advantage of the first-class dealer. 

    Increase transparent selling points.

    With patented inventions, new and practical.

    The market is unique and the profit space can be grasped flexibly.

    Three advantages: the advantage of intuitive experience for users

    Ultra-high pressure resistance, water temperature 90 ℃, 2.0Mpa hydrostatic test.

    Non-corrosive, not corroded by monomer ions in water (such as chloride ion, sulfate ion, sulfur ion, etc.), will not produce runaway drip leakage. 

    Long service life of 50 years and long warranty period of 15 years. (spare parts are replaced free of charge within 15 years, except for man-made damage).

    With unparalleled visibility, you can observe the working state of the heating process at any time, exhaust and exhaust in time, ensure the timely obstacle removal of the heating system, and ensure your right to know about your "warmth". 

    Ultra-low surface activity, not easy to adsorb dirt, easier to clean up.

    Jinhong Group:

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